Being a mum, even a woman, takes its toll on your body,
whether it is the physical process of actually having a baby, or the lifestyle changes it brings about.

That is why I've created a style of exercising to meet those very specific needs whilst meeting new women and having fun and much more......

  • Strengthen your PELVIC FLOOR
  • Flatten your TUMMY
  • Burn unwanted BODY FAT
  • Strengthen your CORE
  • Gain loads more ENERGY
  • MEET other woman just like YOU!

Each class is adapted to suit you! It doesn't matter if you have just had a baby, preparing to have a baby or don't have a baby, I'm an expert at helping to restore your core health and pelvic floor function.


I was terrified about going to my first fitness class, but I shouldn’t have worried. Amy made me feel so welcome and relaxed, and the classes were great fun, with lots of laughter as well as sweat and tummy-shrinking! She got me back in a bikini after 16 years and 4 children so I love her.

Something extremely important that Amy’s classes have taught me is how imperative it is to take some time out to do something for myself.

Amy is a fabulous teacher who knows so much about such a broad range of topics, from massage to nutrition as well as the human anatomy and how to work through various aches and pains.

The classes are diverse and dynamic.

I can honestly say it was one of the best things I decided to do for myself.

And within a month, we all looked a little leaner and more muscular. How I wish she hadn’t left my area.

There was a touch of the yoga class, the dance class, the boot-camp about it. There was a lot of laughing.

I’ve seen her take big classes and small, but she manages to give tailored attention to each woman, every time, no matter how big the class.

Amy has the body of a ballet dancer and the sense of humour of a docker.

Amy is very knowledgable; she tailors routines according to your health and makes sure your technique is correct to get the most benefit out of the exercise you are doing.

Amy’s classes are highly entertaining, she has an excellent sense of humour which is a useful when you are doing the more challenging exercises.

The classes were exactly the right length for me and I felt I had had a good workout without being exhausted.

Amy is warm, friendly, enthusiastic and inspirational in her approach to exercise