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Whole Woman Re-Hab | Personal Training

My Whole Woman Re-Hab programme is 1:1, weekly, tailored and designed to get you back to your best and strong, whatever stage of life you may be in. It focuses on:

  • Mindful movement with correct techniques
  • Exercise prescription
  • Nutritional guidance to support your new active lifestyle
  • Lifestyle check – ins.

Each programme offers you the tools to progress in the real world, every day. Homework and progress recording are encouraged and the icing on the cake – each session is finished off with some stretches, relaxation or gentle muscle release to prepare you to wind down from your great work out!

Sessions are held within your own home for comfort and convenience, given there is enough space for you to lie down on a mat, if the weather is good the session can be taken outside!

Before we start work together, you will need to complete a deep screening to ensure all exercise prescriptions are safe and effective for you. You will have a free consultation via email or phone call, followed by a deep screening and physical assessment charged at the hourly price (these can be done in addition to your first session. These processes are to ensure the programme meets your fitness and wellness goals and that everything we do together is safe for you.

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I really look forward to hearing from you.