If it’s ever important “YOU TIME” you are looking for then evening classes at POW are child free, grown ups only. You are going to get some well-deserved DOWN TIME, BURN SOME CALORIES and work up a SWEAT along the way!

All classes will last an HOUR, ensure you bring PLENTY OF WATER to stay hydrated and where clothes you feel comfortable in, as well as trainers and a GOOD SPORTS BRA!

It doesn’t matter which class you attend, I’ve adapted ALL of them to specifically SUIT WOMEN, and especially MUMS. It doesn’t matter if your preparing to be a mum, pregnant, had your baby 6 weeks ago, or 16 years ago, I’m an expert at helping RESTORE GOOD CORE STRENGTH and PELVIC FLOOR FUNCTION.

Classes are  EXCLUSIVE to Raglan, details of the venue are on the timetable on the home page and in the confirmation email after booking on.

If you think you have or know of a venue that we could fill with powerful women working up a sweat, please contact me via the contacts page or email me at amy@powfitness.co.uk

HiLi Fitness

Like HIIT but better! My high intensity, low impact classes are designed for weight loss and strengthening whilst keeping impact on the body at a minimum, reducing risk of injury, ongoing joint problems and improving posture – which has huge health benefits! Using interval training, mobilising, deep stretching and relaxation you are sure to leave this class sweaty and totally calm.

Classes are EXCLUSIVE to Raglan!

Raglan Primary School

Monday 7:30-8:30pm

Thursday starting soon!

This class is suitable for EVERY LADY including during pregnancy, new mums and ladies recovering from “belly births”. (please note: you must have the all clear from your medical professionals at 6/8 week check up).