Amy was the best fitness instructor I’ve ever known – and I’ve known a few. She is clever, funny and kind. I’ve seen her take big classes and small, but she manages to give tailored attention to each woman, every time, no matter how big the class. She has the body of a ballet dancer and the sense of humor of a docker. We all walked out of those classes relaxed and properly stretched. Every class was a little different. There was a touch of the yoga class, the dance class, the boot-camp about it. There was a lot of laughing. But we all did it at our own pace. And within a month, we all looked a little leaner and more muscular. How I wish she hadn’t left my area.

Lois Letts

I have attended Amy’s Bums and Tums classes on and off for the last year approximately. I have hugely enjoyed them and I can highly recommend them. Amy is warm, friendly, enthusiastic and inspirational in her approach to exercise. She always offers options if you have a particular problem area, in my case my shoulder, and pushes you while having an eye on everyone’s well being. The classes were exactly the right length for me and I felt I had had a good workout without being exhausted. I will really miss the classes and wish Amy lots of luck and best wishes for her future.

Caroline Lechmere

I attended Amy’s Burlesque classes for a couple of years before moving away. Enjoyed it every time, constant laughs and getting to meet new friendly faces. Also a massive confidence boost for myself helped me feel sassy again. Very beneficial and highly recommended. Amy is very bubbly, never stops talking and encouraging good old hip thrusting along the way. She is always helping you to feel better and look sassy!

Shannon Chase

I was terrified about going to my first fitness class, but I shouldn’t have worried. Amy made me feel so welcome and relaxed, and the classes were great fun, with lots of laughter as well as sweat and tummy-shrinking! She got me back in a bikini after 16 years and 4 children so I love her.

Amy has been my Personal Trainer for a few months now. I can honestly say it was one of the best things I decided to do for myself. The classes are diverse and dynamic. Amy is a fabulous teacher who knows so much about such a broad range of topics, from massage to nutrition as well as the human anatomy and how to work through various aches and pains. I have both laughed and almost cried in her sessions. I never knew sweat could pour out of, and into, so many oraficia (plural of orifice according to google!) Something else extremely important that Amy’s classes have taught me is how imperative it is to take some time out to do something for myself. Allowing myself a few hours a week to work on my physical and mental fitness has completely revolutionised my outlook on life. I am more content and easier to be around, a nicer mother and partner. It just goes to show, sometimes we need to be a little selfish in order to be more selfless in the grand scheme of things. Thanks Amy.

Araminta Jonsson

I started working out with Amy’s fitness classes after the birth of my third child, to build up my core strength, tone up my post pregnancy body and to trim off the extra weight I had gained. I achieved this and more; also building stamina and flexibility. Amy’s classes are highly entertaining, she has an excellent sense of humor which is a useful when you are doing the more challenging exercises, after just the first two sessions I found I was able to push myself and achieve so much more. She is very knowledgeable; she tailors routines according to your health and makes sure your technique is correct to get the most benefit out of the exercise you are doing. I have learnt and laughed so much more since joining Amy’s classes. Amy is fun, energetic, committed, I can wholeheartedly recommend her, whatever your fitness level!

Lucy Grafham